Junior Fiction

'A rollicking good read...'

‘The cliff-hangers were
killing me!’

‘Loved every moment!’

About the book

When an adventurous young Girl takes an injured Magpie to the mysterious Old Lady next door, she discovers a magical world, right under her nose.

A secret garden where mythical creatures happily coexist with thousands of everyday creatures – all of them just trying to survive the challenges and dangers of the big city.

As the Girl and the Old Lady team up to save the local wildlife from a bunch of shady characters bent on destroying the place, they will need all the help they can get.

And the Girl will discover real magic is everywhere you care to look. 

(The perfect ripping read
for environmentally minded 8 to 12s)

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About the author

Suzi Hammond is a writer, bodywork therapist and animal reiki practitioner.

She lives in a century old cottage set in a lush garden designed as a wildlife corridor in the middle of suburbia.

When not writing or being a therapist, Suzi can be found in the depths of the garden with her two most unusual dogs – discussing all sorts of things that matter with the wild creatures who live and visit there.

Unsurprisingly, Suzi’s canine companions are as quirky as she is.

Three Cheers

For the marvellous Girls, their Brothers
& mysterious Old Ladies everywhere.
The Magpies who walk & warble in my wild garden.
My most unusual Dogs …
& Cats in general.
The pond dwellers, burrowers & the unseen.
The winged, the legless & creatures of the night.
A certain cantankerous Hatchling.
A rare sighting of the mythical Amphisbaena.
And especially the Unicorns …
who turned up out of the blue one fine night
& stayed & stayed …
I could not have spun this yarn without you.

Coming in 2024


another urban yarn by Suzi Hammond

When the Unicorns stop visiting the Hatchling, the Girl and the Old Lady must risk going through the Time Gate to find out why. But with all four White Dogs shapeshifting alarmingly after the fires and the Hatchling crankier than usual, they will have to take them along too.

As they wander ever deeper into the peculiar slide-warps beyond the Time Gate, the Girl and the Old Lady will need all their creature skills (and then some!) to manage their cantankerous companions, as well as the fantastical beings barring the way. 

Especially, when they discover why they must all tread lightly, lest they lose themselves – and everyone else – in the Realms.


ISBN / Paperback: 978-1-922828-73-6 / eBook: 978-1-922828-74-3 / JUNIOR FICTION

Paperback: 978-1-922828-73-6 /
eBook: 978-1-922828-74-3 /